• Protection Against Thermal Shock and Flue Gas Condensation
  • Simple Self-Diagnostic Test
  • Maintains Safe Minimum Return Water Temperature
  • Adjustable Boiler Pump Purge
  • 24 Vac Floating Motor Actuator for 3-Way Valve Standard Equipment
    (Basic RTC Kit)
  • 3" x 12” Nipple with Tapping
  • 3-Way Valve
  • Junction Box
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Standard Equipment (RTC Kit with Outdoor Reset)
  • Same Equipment as in the Basic RTC Kit
  • Universal Sensor for Mixing
  • Available on Water Boilers
  • Monitors Return Water Temperature
  • Operates a Circulator and 3-Way Valve
  • Maintains Minimum 135ºF Return Water Temperature
  • Optional Outdoor Reset Available

RTC (Return Temperature Control)

The Burnham Commercial Return Temperature Control (RTC) provides an economical and effective means of boiler protection from thermal shock and sustained condensing operation. The RTC monitors the boiler return water temperature and operates a 3-way diverting valve and boiler circulator to maintain a minimum return temperature of 135ºF or greater. By incorporating a motorized 3-way valve into the “boiler envelope,” the RTC is able to temper the water coming back to the boiler. If the return water temperature drops too low, the RTC will divert hot supply water away from the system loop and back into the return piping, raising the temperature to a safe level. The RTC is available with an optional outdoor reset kit, which will vary the system temperature based on outdoor reset. On the coldest winter days, the RTC will raise the system temperature in order to match the load demand. On mild spring and autumn days, the RTC will reduce the temperature of the system water, which can lead to more efficient operation.