Highlights & Benefits Eliminate any thermal shock concerns with our Series 3-SP Shock-Proof hot water boiler package.
  • High Steam Space Volume Can Easily Accommodate Coils Larger in Capacity Than Anyone Else
  • Series 3 Wetback Design and Low Volumetric Furnace Release Rates Allow Easy Firing and a Prolonged Boiler Life
  • The Specially Designed Heat Exchanger Tubes are Highly Resistant to Corrosion and Erosion

Shock Proof Boiler Package

Eliminate Thermal Shock

Eliminate any thermal shock concerns with our Series 3-SP Shock Proof hot water boiler package. This boiler design uses our reliable Series 3 that incorporates a high steam space volume that can easily accommodate the industry’s largest full capacity coil. The Series 3 wetback design and low volumetric furnace release
rates allow easy firing and a prolonged boiler life. When properly commissioned
and maintained, your shock-proof packaged boiler will last for many years.

  • There is no steam side water make up, so no steam side accessories are required.
  • After treating the steam side, you can expect your boiler to run clean for a long time.
  • The hot system water flows only through the tubes of the heat exchanger.
  • The specially designed heat exchanger tubes are highly resistant to corrosion and erosion.
  • The specially constructed head allows for flanged supply and return connections for the complete coil trim package provided.
  • The coil trim package consists of inlet and outlet pressure gauges, inlet and outlet thermometers and coil side safety valves.
  • Equipped with a full capacity coil type heat exchanger good for 125 PSI water pressure.