C Series Features

Three-pass firetube type, constructed with heavy steel, in accordance with requirements of the ASME Code. All units are registered with the National Board. Water cooled sidewalls in the rear turnaround promote rapid internal circulation and reduce gas temperatures at the entrance to the second pass, reducing tube end stress. All tube ends are rolled and flared. Easy-opening insulated front and rear flue doors with light weight non-refractory closure provide full access to all tubes. No elaborate seals are used. The C Series oversized furnace easily accommodates any burner. Washouts are provided for easy inspection and cleaning of waterside surfaces. All steam boilers are provided with a dry pan to ensure dry steam. A feedwater diffuser is provided on steam boilers. All water boilers are equipped with a dip tube at supply outlet and diffuser at return inlet. The round vertical smoke outlet has room for an optional quadrant damper. All boilers are provided with lifting holes and an enameled steel jacket installed over fiberglass insulation. The boiler is mounted on a heavy-duty structural steel base with extended skid and burner platform for protection of the burner during shipment and rigging.

C Series Standard Trim and Controls

Steam: 157 pump control/low water cut-off with alarm contacts—piped with quick opening blowoff valve. Gauge glass set with hand-operated gauge and try cocks. Steam pressure gauge—4 ½-inch dial. L404A operating pressuretrol, L404C manual reset high limit pressuretrol and appropriate firing rate control when required. Manual reset probe auxiliary low water cut-off.
ASME side outlet safety valve(s).
Water: 63M manual reset low water cut-off—piped with quick opening blowoff valve. Combination pressure/temperature gauge—3 ½ inch dial. L4006A operating aquastat and L4006E manual reset high limit aquastat and appropriate firing rate control when required.
ASME side outlet relief valve(s).

Special C Series Brewery Design

We designed the 30 psi C Series specifically to meet the higher pressure needs of microbreweries, and we can tweak it even further to meet your specifications. Please see the literature below for more details.

Burnham Brewery Boiler C Series Brewery Brochure