Hand Fired Boilers - Rating Adjustment or Heating Value of Coal
Hand fired ratings are based on coal having a heat value of 13,000 btu per pound.
Standard Equipment Boiler

Three-pass boiler constructed and stamped in accordance with Section IV of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code for 15 psi steam and 30 psi water with separate base, rear smoke outlet (top outlet available when specified), gas tight front flue cleanout door, rear observation port 63A through 345A, rear access door with observation port 397A and larger, lifting lugs 127A and larger.


Wrap-around type, with fiberglass insulation—installed.

Additional Equipment Oil & Gas Fired Boilers

Burner opening in front head (base refractory or combustion equipment is not supplied by Burnham Commercial).

Stoker Fired Boilers

Firedoor(s) in front head; hinged flue door, all sizes; ashpit door in base (Stoker not supplied by Burnham Commercial).

Hand Fired Boilers

Same as stoker fired (Grate sets not supplied by Burnham Commercial).