Knock-Down Boilers for Limited Access Installations

Knock-Down Boilers for Limited Access Installations

Sometimes, when you have to replace or install a new boiler, access to the required location is limited by narrow entryways and corridors. This is especially common in older buildings. To provide a solution to this challenging situation, Burnham Commercial offers boilers in knock-down condition so they fit through tight spaces. The boiler can then be reassembled and installed by your Burnham Commercial representative’s team.


Don’t Knock Out the Wall, Get a Knock-Down Boiler Instead

A wide selection of Burnham Commercial boilers can be purchased as knock-down versions. They are the same, high-quality boilers we offer as fully assembled packages, but they’re shipped in sections and partially disassembled. The separate parts will fit through standard doorways – so there’s no need to widen the doorway or knock out a wall just to get the boiler installed.

Installation Flexibility Gives You Ultimate Control

We offer multiple configurations, venting options, and connections to accommodate a wide range of installation needs. And if you need it, we offer custom design services that give you the flexibility to install the most efficient, cost-saving, and reliable heating system that works for your unique property. The in-house engineers at Burnham Commercial have the knowledge and experience to design you a system that will last for tens of thousands of operating hours.

High Quality Means Dependability and Efficiency

Burnham Commercial boilers use an ASME-certified stainless-steel heat exchanger design as well as deluxe insulated jackets and cast-iron nipples instead of gaskets. These innovations mean we can offer commercial boilers with up to 95 percent thermal efficiency. In fact, 90 percent of our commercial boilers offer efficiency of at least 85 percent. And all of our models are built to withstand heat degradation. Our boilers are dependable and are backed by lengthy warranties, the largest nationwide service network in the industry, and our caring customer service and technical teams.

Contact Burnham Commercial to Learn More

To find the right knock-down boiler for your building or commercial business, you can contact us online or call (888) 791-3790 today. You can also use our sales rep locator to find a professional near you who can help you choose and install your American-made Burnham Commercial knock-down boiler.