Commercial and Public Facilities

No two buildings are the same. This is especially true when it comes to commercial and public facilities, where variations in building size and boiler applications present many unique challenges. At the same time, ensuring a worry-free operation and the comfort of visitors and workers requires customizable boilers, control systems, and accessories that meet all your requirements without fail. Since 1873, Burnham Commercial Boilers has been delivering high-quality boilers and control systems tailored specifically for commercial and public facility applications that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for efficiency, performance, and service.

Committed to Quality

Burnham Commercial Boilers is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality components for our solutions, such as ASME-certified stainless-steel heat exchangers, cast-iron nipple construction, and more. We also build the MPC, the only American-made commercial cast-iron boiler with a UL listing, and design, manufacture, and assemble all products right here in the USA.

Additionally, we are the only manufacturer that offers a full line of steel, stainless steel, and cast-iron solutions – all of which are sufficient to meet the heating equipment needs of any commercial or public facility. We deploy a unique BC25-HSi cast-iron formula, which contains a high concentration of silicon to make our products stronger and more flexible than the iron used by our competitors. This formula provides optimal thermal shock resistance and unrivaled heat transfer capabilities, showing our commitment to offering clients the best quality products available today.

Burnham Commercial Large Boiler components being welded together
Burnham Commercial Boiler undergoing final testing

Rigorous Standards

At Burnham Commercial Boilers, our in-house engineering and research and development teams contribute to the manufacture of custom solutions that offer multiple configurations, venting options, and connections. Regardless of the specifications, your system requires, we ensure you’ll come away with the flexibility in application and dependability your business demands.

The experts in our quality control department monitor manufacturing tolerances and product quality through the entire process to guarantee your satisfaction. And before leaving our manufacturing site, every boiler and control system must meet our advanced performance standards and pass multiple safety tests.

Always Innovating

Burnham Commercial Boilers does much more than provide a complete lineup of scotch, firebox, and cast-iron boilers that fight heat degradation and enhance your operation’s efficiency. Our team constantly searches for improvements and enhancements that elevate our products above the rest. These include next-generation boiler control systems, which utilize plug and play controls and advanced LED readouts for ultimate control and full expandability, advanced features like Ethernet (CAT-5e) connectivity, and a compact boiler design that reduces emissions.

But new features and products aren’t all we’re innovating at Burnham Commercial Boilers. We’re constantly improving the already high efficiency of our commercial boilers, which are proven to perform reliably for tens of thousands of operating hours. Ninety percent of our commercial boilers offer efficiencies greater than 85 percent, while our condensing models feature up to 95 percent thermal efficiency. From efficiency ratings and firing-to-load demand to standby mode and various piping setups, we consider every aspect to deliver customized solutions that meet our clients’ efficiency, cost, and service needs.

Burnham Commercial Boiler Components
Burnham Commerical logo on the side of a boiler

125 Years of Experience (and Counting)

If our decades of experience have taught us anything, it’s that our customers deserve unparalleled service – before, during, and after every installation. Our products are backed by extensive warranties and a nationwide service network that includes experienced customer care and technical teams that ensure long-term reliability without sacrificing efficiency. For more information on our solutions for commercial and public facilities, contact Burnham Commercial Boilers today and request a free quote.

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