As an industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality boilers and control systems, Burnham Commercial Boilers specializes in customized solutions for commercial and industrial applications. We offer clients more than 125 years of experience, and our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables us to maintain our reputation as a leader in commercial heating equipment. We’re proud to offer a diverse range of boilers, controls, and accessories that support businesses and organizations across the country with quality, reliability, and value.


Our durable materials are only part of the reason we’re able to meet the needs of various commercial and industrial applications. As the only manufacturer with a full line of steel and cast-iron solutions, our time-tested process allows us to customize products to exact specifications. Our in-house engineering and research and development teams deploy multiple configurations, venting options, and connections, providing you with the ultimate flexibility in application.

Burnham Commercial Boilers’ commitment to quality and innovation also means that every solution meets our rigorous performance requirements and passes numerous safety tests. Our quality control department plays a vital role throughout our process, monitoring manufacturing tolerances and product quality to guarantee your satisfaction. Our proven heating equipment and control systems seamlessly serve the unique needs of various sectors and industries.


> Commercial and public facilities

> Education

> Government institutions and military

> Manufacturing

> And more

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Post-Installation Services and Support

Burnham Commercial Boilers is committed to serving our clients long after the initial installation with upgrades to commercial or industrial systems and maintenance and repair services. Our products are backed by extensive warranties that protect your investment for up to 10 years, as well as a nationwide service network comprised of knowledgeable representatives and support personnel. It’s our way of ensuring that your integrated systems will perform reliably for tens of thousands of operating hours without worry or hassle.


Since our inception in 1873, Burnham Commercial Boilers has developed a full line of scotch, firebox, and cast-iron boilers by using the finest materials available. ASME-certified heat exchangers, proven cast-iron nipple construction, and other quality components fight heat degradation and yield the longevity you need.

Our team also builds the MPC, the only American-made commercial cast-iron boiler that has achieved a UL listing. And with all of our products designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, it all adds up to providing our clients with the best possible products.


> Steel boilers including the Series 3 Firetube Boiler, Series 4S, C Series Firetube, Series 4FH, and Series 4N Boiler

> Cast-iron boilers including the MPC Series, V11H Series, V9A Series, and 8HE Series

> Specialty boilers including Shock Proof Boilers

> Accessories including separators, recovery systems, chemical feed systems, feedwater systems, and many more


When boiler quality and performance are critical, businesses and organizations turn to Burnham Commercial Boilers. Our professional customer care and technical teams are standing by to answer any of your questions or provide more information about our products. To learn more about Burnham Commercial Boilers’ capabilities and services, as well as our lineup of boilers and controls, please contact us today.

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