Educational facilities are more than just places for learning. They’re also a hub for athletic competitions, concerts, and other special events and a community for students, families, and educators. That’s why it’s essential to ensure the campus’ boilers and control systems can handle the many demands of one or more buildings and ensure the comfort of everyone who works there or visits. Enter Burnham Commercial Boilers, an industry leader in commercial heating equipment since 1873. We customize solutions from state-of-the-art materials to provide you with durable, efficient boiler systems your institution can depend on.

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Reliable, Long-Lasting Quality

Burnham Commercial Boilers has offered boilers and control system solutions for clients in numerous sectors, including education, for more than 125 years. All of our products are crafted with the best components available, such as cast-iron nipple construction and ASME-certified stainless-steel heat exchangers. Our team is committed to American-designed, -manufactured, and –assembled products, such as the MPC, the only UL-listed commercial cast-iron boiler built in the USA.

We’ve also proven our abilities to provide solutions that fight heat degradation and elevate operational efficiency. For instance, we utilize our unique BC25-HSi cast-iron formula containing high concentrations of silicon, which offers ideal thermal shock resistance and heat transfer capabilities. This process yields more flexible and sturdier solutions than the iron typically used by other manufacturers – a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Customizable Solutions for Optimal Efficiency

As the only manufacturer offering a complete line of steel, stainless steel, and cast-iron solutions, Burnham Commercial Boilers makes finding the right heating equipment simple for educational institutions. Our in-house engineering and research and development teams offer advanced solutions in countless configurations, multiple venting options, and a variety of connectivity methods to accommodate the exact specifications required by your facility.

Burnham Commercial Boilers’ custom solutions offer far more than flexibility, however. Our products also deliver efficient operation that balances comfort and performance with value. We analyze your system’s exact specifications, efficiency ratings, firing-to-load demand, and more to provide you with the ultimate dependability, longevity, and flexibility in application. Approximately 90 percent of our commercial boilers offer efficiencies of 85 percent or higher, while our condensing models provide up to 95 percent thermal efficiency.

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Standards that Guarantee Satisfaction

After learning your requirements, Burnham Commercial Boilers begins our time-tested manufacturing process. Our quality control department monitors your solutions for manufacturing tolerances and ensures they meet our standards for unrivaled quality from start to finish. And before the finished product arrives at your facility, each boiler and control system undergoes rigorous performance and safety testing to ensure our products exceed your expectations.

After installation is complete, you’ll receive ongoing support from our expert team. Our clients enjoy access to a nationwide service network of customer care and technical representatives, all of who make customer service a top priority. When help is needed, they are available to answer questions, provide maintenance, or complete repairs. Additionally, our products are backed by extensive warranties to guarantee your boiler and control system deliver efficient, dependable performance for years to come.

Experience Our Vision

Whether you’re replacing heating equipment for a gymnasium or upgrading boiler systems for classrooms, Burnham Commercial Boilers products are proven to perform efficiently for tens of thousands of operating hours. Constant innovation allows ongoing improvements to our current offerings and the rollout of next-generation features, like plug-and-play controls, LED readouts, and Ethernet (CAT-5e) connectivity. To learn more about our solutions for educational facilities, contact us today, and request a free quote.

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