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When it comes to heating equipment and solutions, military and government institutions demand high operational efficiency combined with long-term reliability. That’s why so many government organizations, from municipalities to various branches of the military, take advantage of the boiler and control systems manufactured by Burnham Commercial Boilers. With single and multiple configurations, our innovative, customizable, and dependable products yield optimal efficiency and performance for tens of thousands of operating hours.

Experience Superior Quality

An industry leader in commercial heating equipment since 1872, Burnham Commercial Boilers is the only manufacturer on the market offering a complete line of steel, stainless steel, and cast-iron solutions for the government and military use. Our boilers and systems are known for superior quality, efficiency, and dependability, as well as resistance to heat degradation. With every product designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, we’re also the proud producers of the MPC, the only American-made commercial cast-iron boiler to earn a UL listing.

Two of Burnham Commercials knockdown boilers


Every military organization or government institution has unique needs, and Burnham Commercial Boilers customizes each solution based on these exact and often demanding specifications. We begin the manufacturing process by analyzing your service requirements and budget, allowing us to determine the optimal configurations, venting options, and connections for your application.

From there, our in-house engineering and research and development teams build your products using time-tested methods and the latest equipment to yield the best solutions for your needs. Our unique BC25-HSi cast-iron formula, which contains a high concentration of silicon, is deployed to ensure optimal thermal shock resistance, greater heat transfer capabilities, and superior strength in design.


> Deluxe insulated jackets

> ASME-certified stainless-steel heat exchangers

> Cast-iron nipples in place of iron gaskets

> Plug-and-play controls

> Advanced LED readouts

> Ethernet connectivity for integrated communications across multiple boilers and systems

> Compact boiler designs for cost savings and reduced emissions

C Series Boiler Installed

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Burnham Commercial Boilers remains a premier partner for military and government institutions due to our ability to custom build every solution with operational efficiency in mind. Among our offerings, 90 percent of commercial boilers deliver efficiencies greater than 85 percent, while condensing models provide up to 95 percent thermal efficiency. Our team considers efficiency ratings, firing-to-load demand, size, and more to ensure optimal results with every project.

We stand by every product we create and have extensive measures in place to ensure quality performance and your long-term satisfaction. Accordingly, Burnham Commercial Boilers solutions are backed by extensive warranties up to 10 years and come with access to a nationwide service network of customer care and technical representatives to provide ongoing support, assist with maintenance and repairs, and more.

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When the public depends on your institution every day, you need boilers and control systems that deliver year after year without fail. Burnham Commercial Boilers has satisfied the unique needs of government and military organizations for more than 125 years, and our team is dedicated to winning your confidence through expert customization, manufacturing, installation, and post-installation support. For more information on custom boiler and control system solutions and accessories, contact us today or request a quote now.

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