V9A Series

V9A Series

The Burnham Commercial V9A boiler is ideal for use in commercial installations because it is versatile enough to meet specific job requirements. The V9A provides the durability of a cast iron boiler, assembled with the time-proven integrity of cast iron nipples. The sectional design of the V9A makes it easy to maneuver and install in existing boiler rooms.



Fuel Gas, Oil or Gas/Oil Combination
Thermal Efficiency 80-83%
Fuel Input 447-2,367 MBH
(3.1-16.4 GPH)
Venting Forced Draft
Water or Steam Water or Steam
Domestic Water Coil Optional
Heat Exchanger Cast Iron
Condensing No
Burners Beckett, Carlin, Power Flame, Webster, Weishaupt
Shipping Options Knockdown, Assembled Sections, Packaged or Firetested
Warranty 10-Year**

**In the interest of continual improvements in products and performance, Burnham Commercial reserves the right to change specifications without notice. A complete copy of the boiler warranty, including details and limitations, can be found on our website www.burnhamcommercial.com.


A packaged and fire tested V9A will fit through a standard 36-inch doorway and will fit into a confined area, requiring only 9-inches from a right-side wall and 6-1/2 feet of vertical clearance. The V9A can also be factory fire tested before shipment in order to reduce the time and expense of setting up the burner on the job site.

Knockdown V9A Series boilers were designed to be assembled one section at a time, using individual draw rods, a 1-1/16” ratchet and combination or open-end wrench. The sections are surface ground to ensure smooth mating. An elastic sealant and fiberglass rope are used on all section joints for a completely sealed and pressure-tight assembly.

As with all Burnham Commercial cast iron products, the V9A is assembled using precision-machined cast iron push nipples, which ensure the most reliable watertight seal. Nipples are machined to exact tolerances so that when pressed into the nipple ports of the sections, they will conform to the shape of the ports. Unlike gaskets, nipples are impervious to breakdown from hot flue gases or petroleum based chemicals, including corrosion inhibitors, pump lubricants and antifreeze.

V9A sections are carefully made at the state-of-the-art Burnham Foundry, LLC, in Zanesville, Ohio. Each individual section is hydro-tested at two-and-a-half times the maximum allowable working pressure at the foundry. The sections are then sent to Burnham Commercial for final machining. Factory-assembled sections are tested again to ensure the final assembly is leak-free.