Mobile Boilers

Mobile Boilers

No one should have to go without sufficient heating or power, especially when outdoor temperatures drop. But when old units finally need to be replaced or repaired, you could potentially be without a functioning boiler for up to a year. Burnham Commercial Boilers offers a convenient solution with efficient, easily portable mobile boilers. Suited for use in residential settings, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and more, these steel systems are enclosed in industrial trailers that move easily from location to location to provide a reliable short-term solution.


Convenient Mobility

When you order a mobile boiler, one of our team members will transport the system, safely secured in a trailer, straight to your facility. Upon arrival, the boiler will be parked, stabilized, and connected to your system, all with no expensive, labor-intensive construction or complex installation required.

Durable Construction

Our expert engineering and research and development teams produce quality boilers that you can be confident in. Offering up to 800 HP operation, Burnham Commercial’s steel mobile boilers not only boast convenience, but also power and durability. The steel build is ductile, flexible, and resistant to temperature-related shocks, ensuring dependable operation.

All-Inclusive Systems

Burnham Commercial’s mobile boilers are drop-and-go units that include everything needed to heat or power your facility, including controls and essential accessories. Our employees will locate the nearest fuel depot and connect the mobile boiler, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Nationwide Service Network

Working with Burnham Commercial Boilers provides clients with more than an efficient, reliable boiler system. Every customer gains access to a nationwide team of service providers who are standing by to offer support, maintenance, and repairs to keep your operation up and running. To learn more, locate a sales rep today for answers to your questions from a mobile boiler provider near you.

Note: We recommend that all customers contact a sales representative at least 14 weeks in advance to ensure they receive their mobile boiler on schedule.

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With mobile boilers from Burnham Commercial Boilers, you can rest assured your facility or worksite will receive the heat and power needed to stay operational. Contact us online or call (888) 791-3790 today to discuss your mobile boiler needs, or request a quote now to get started.