MPC Series

MPC Series

MPC (Multi-Pass Commercial)

The Multi-Pass Commercial Boiler (MPC) is loaded with innovative features that are unsurpassed by any other boiler in the industry. Take a close look at the MPC, and there is no question that it is setting the new standard for USA-made commercial cast iron boilers.

Multi-pass boilers operate differently than more conventional single or double-pass boilers. A multi-pass boiler, such as the MPC, directs flue gases through multiple combustion chamber passes, extracting the maximum amount of heat out of the hot boiler flue gases. With single or double-pass boilers, the burner fires into a combustion chamber, then the hot flue gases pass upward between the sections (usually through a pinned or baffled flueway) and out into the venting. The MPC directs flue gases into several smaller passes, which allows the sections to absorb more heat than if the flue gases just passed through the boiler sections one time.



Fuel Gas, Oil or Gas/Oil Combination
Thermal Efficiency 84-87%
Fuel Input 500-3,657 MBH
(3.5-25.3 GPH)
Venting Forced Draft
Water or Steam Water Only
Domestic Water Coil No
Heat Exchanger Cast Iron
Condensing No
Burners Beckett, Power Flame
Shipping Options Knockdown, Assembled Sections, Packaged or Firetested
Warranty 10-Year**

**In the interest of continual improvements in products and performance, Burnham Commercial reserves the right to change specifications without notice. A complete copy of the boiler warranty, including details and limitations, can be found on our website


  • Oil, Gas, Gas/Oil Fired
  • Water Only
  • 500 to 3,600 MBH Input
  • Forced-Draft
  • Up to 89% Efficient
  • Built-In Thermal Shock Protection
  • Made in the USA

The MPC incorporates features such as a return water mixing tube, which distributes water evenly throughout the entire section assembly. Distributing cool return water eliminates areas of extreme hot and cold, which can cause undue stress on the boiler castings. Some boilers require special piping, electronic controls, and mixing valves or circulators to control the return water temperature, but thanks to the return water mixing tube, protection is built-in to the MPC, which reduces installation time and saves money.

The centrally located supply and return connections simplify piping and wiring of controls for faster installations. A wiring chase way runs from the supply and return manifolds at the rear of the boiler, underneath the jacket, to the front of the boiler. This setup eliminates the need for running external conduit through the boiler room and makes for a clean, professional finished appearance. A 4-inch thick blanket of insulation surrounding the sections traps heat within the boiler jacket, which means a cooler boiler room for the installing and service contractor and more efficient operation for the building owner.

The MPC is also available with Burnham Commercial’s newest control, the SBC™ control, which provides complete boiler control capability at the fraction of the price of a comparable system. The SBC control is a combination operating and staging control that will control up to 8 fully modulating boilers and is available as a factory-wired package installed in any Power Flame, full mod burner, with an RM7897A or better Honeywell flame safeguard. The SBC control can save money by reducing installation time and reducing the number of controls required to control your boiler. The SBC control also saves money by firing the boiler(s) at the precise rate of modulation to meet the building load while limiting short-cycling.

A combination of tongue-and-groove construction and a silicone-coated fiberglass rope gasket provides the gas-tight seal necessary for a forced-draft boiler to operate safely and efficiently. Burnham Commercial engineers tested a variety of sealing methods before deciding on the silicone-coated fiberglass rope because it obtained the best seal and was clean and quick to install. Unlike other sealing materials that were tested, the fiberglass rope does not break down over time from exposure to heat and products of combustion. It is also very clean to work with and flexible enough to seal every area of the combustion chamber grooves.