The Burnham Commercial SBC™ control is a complete boiler monitoring and automation system and an integral component. The SBC control is available in the Power Flame modulating burners and as an option on the MPC. The SBC control controls modulation rate, outdoor reset, multiple boiler staging, domestic hot water priority and boiler protection and is able to monitor and display boiler status using a 2-line by 16-line alpha-numeric character screen that displays fault history, diagnostics and boiler status in plain text.

The SBC control is a truly unique control that saves time and money during installation and over the life of the boiler, by operating the boiler more efficiently than other controls.

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  • Multiple Boiler Staging & Rotation
  • Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Modulation Control
  • Increases Operational Efficiency of Boiler


  • Simple System Integration
  • Diagnostic & Status Display
  • Available on MPC, Full Mod Burners with Power Flame Burners

Sage Boiler Control Overview The Sage Boiler Control (SBC) is a complete boiler monitoring and automation system. The SBC provides advanced boiler modulation, operating control, diagnostics, multiple boiler lead-lag and auxiliary device control. The SBC provides advanced control features in an easy to use package.